Nordic Poles

Nordic Pole Walking is significantly more effective than regular walking!


Scientific & Clinical Studies on Increased Health Benefits:

1. Nordic Pole Walking burns up to 46% more calories than exercise walking without poles or moderate jogging.  25-30% on average.  (Cooper Institute, 2004, Dallas and other).

2. Increases heart and cardiovascular training by 25%. (Foley 1994; Jordan 2001, morss et al. 2001; Pocari et. al. 1997 and other).

3. Incorporates 90% of all body muscles in one exercise and increases endurance of arm muscles (Triceps) and neck and shoulder muscles (Latissimus) to 38% (Karawan et al. 1992 and other).

4. Diabetes Type 2: Improves diabetes metabolism, reduces insulin resistance and reduces medication drastically within three months (M. Nischwitz et al 2006)

5. High Blood Pressure: Reduces High Blood Pressure by 18mmHg within eight weeks.  (Ishikawa et. al. 1999; C.Diehm, 2007)

6. Eliminates back, shoulder, and neck pain (Attila et al., 1999 and other)

7. Less impact on hip, knee, and foot joints about 26%. (Wilson et al., 2001; Hagen 2006, and others)

8. Increases production of “positive” hormones.  Decreases “negative” hormones.  (R.M. Klatz et al., 1999; Dharma Singh Khalsa, 1997)

9. Supports stress management and mental disorders (Stoughton 1992, Mommert-Jauch, 2003).

10. Develops upright body posture. (Schloemmer 2005)

For more detailed information on the 300+ studies please visit the website of my mentor, Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck:



 Nordic Pole Walking Free First Steps Clinics


Judy is a certified Nordic Pole Walking Instructor.

She offers free First Steps Clinics on an irregular basis so if you would like to learn how to use Nordic Walking Poles, please call 1888-700-1224 ext 2 to get the current sessions.  Poles are provided for the clinic free of charge and you will be Nordic Pole Walking in less than an hour.


Free Clinics:


Are being held in the Arnprior, Renfrew and Ottawa West areas in August, September & October.  Other locations possible.  Please call Judy for requirements.

Please call Judy to reserve your poles and to confirm location of class!

Poles are available for purchase after the class:  $64.95 + HST for Global Walkers (2 sections) or $79.95 + HST for Travelers (3 sections & detachable hand harness).  Accessories such as quality pedometers, replaceable rubber tips, snow baskets, fanny packs, etc available.


Things to consider when purchasing poles:


1. The hand harness (which is more sophisticated than a simple “strap”) is essential to using the pole correctly and being able to relax your grip on the pole because you are still connected.  You don’t get hand and arm fatigue as you do with the poles that do not have a strap or just a loop.

See: mayo clinic NPW article


2. The article also indicates the need for beveled rubber tips.  Some of the cheap “knockoff” brands have a hard non-beveled tip which replacements are unavailable for and too narrow for our “standard” pole width tip.  In other words when you wear down the tip, you throw the poles away.  Rubber tips last about 2 months if you are walking 3 times a week for an hour (recommended for best results).  Our tips are $7.50 for one pair, $18.95 for 3 pair, and $36.95 for 6 pair.  The tips for the brand with no hand straps, for example, are twice the price (as are the poles much more expensive).


3. If you plan to take your poles when you are traveling (a really good idea!) you might want to go the extra $15 for the Travelers to start with.  They telescope down to fit into even a small suitcase and the convenience of being able to press a button to detach your hand from the pole to reach into a pocket, get a drink, tie your shoes, wipe your nose etc is priceless!


4. The last consideration is service for your investment, both for the product itself and for how to get the best return on your investment.



4 Class Series to Increase Proficiency, Experience a Variety of Terrains, and Learn New Techniques and Exercises


Classes are being held in Arnprior, Renfrew and Ottawa West.  If you would like another location, please contact Judy for requirements.

For example, in Arnprior, there are at least 4 locations for the classes:

McNab Soccer Park on Duncan Drive (former railway bed)
Robert Simpson Park  (beach , grass, & trail)
Gillies Grove (woodland walking)

ADHS Track (if no phys ed classes using it)  &  Galillee drive

The order of the classes is determined by the weather so decision of where to meet next class will be made the night prior to the class.  Judy will let you know.

Class fee is $35 plus HST  (You may make up missed classes by coming to another scheduled class at a later date.)



Ottawa Valley Cancer Colour Walk  October 20, 2012

Please join us on October 20, 2012 to walk a portion of the McNab Braeside Recreation Trail in support of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s Maplesoft Centre which serves Renfrew County!


The Maplesoft Centre is focusing on a new concept in cancer therapy: Cancer Survivorship Care. Cancer Survivorship Care is offered through a series of programs and workshops to assist the patient, and those closest to them, through every step of the cancer journey from pre-diagnosis, through the process of diagnosis and treatment, to post-treatment recovery. Cancer Survivorship Care programming is offered free of charge and without a medical referral. Certified cancer care professionals and volunteers offer tailored individual and group services at the new Centre. for more information.


Nordic Pole Walkers and walkers alike can enjoy the fall colours and comradeship with a fundraiser for this important service that brings people together as everyone is touched by cancer. Raise what you can and participate in a lifelong healthy activity as prevention. You may choose the length of your walk and Arnprior walkers will meet the Renfrew walkers at Glasgow Station United Church for a celebration!


There will also be a Nordic Pole Walk fundraiser in Ottawa starting from the Maplesoft Centre on Oct 21, 2012 for those of you in Ottawa.

More details to follow.







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