Thank you visiting our web page and learning about how to live Happier, Healthier, Greener, and Wealthier!


We are retired high school teachers who have backgrounds in science.  Dale graduated from the University of Guelph in Honours Biology while Judy graduated from University of Western Ontario with a B.A. in Home Economics.  We met while training to be science teachers at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.


We have always looked for ways to make greener choices long before Green was popular.  In fact Dale owned an electric car over 35 years ago!

Now we have a Green Business that covers several facets of the industry.


Judy helps people switch stores to shop wholesale for better, safer, highly concentrated, eco-conscious household products that save them significant money compared to commonly available store brands!  She also teaches Nordic Pole Walking for the health benefits to herself and those she can share it with.  See why under the Nordic Poles tab!


Dale helps people determine whether solar is right for them by assessing their roof or land for a solar installation.  Then he helps them apply for their conditional offer from Hydro One and when they are accepted, he helps them determine which solar system is right for them and how fast it will be paid off and how much money they will make in the 20 year contract.


We both enjoy meeting people so on the weekends we go to home shows, environmental shows, and festivals to show these wonderful Mad Mats we found that are made from recycled plastic bottles and made under Fair Trade in Thailand.  We get a real kick out of people’s reactions when they are walking by and we say, “They’re made from pop bottles!”  They are so surprised that they have to feel it and look again!


Even more spectacular, is the addition of the Haitian Steel Art made by hand from recycled oil drums!  This Fair Trade social enterprise also supports the non-profit, Friends of Ile a Vache.  You will find the whole story of how we came to offer these unique pieces of art on the Haitian Art tab.  It’s “all in the family” so we know where the money goes when it is dispersed in Haiti!


We both also help people generate recurring income.  Do you know a family in today’s economy that couldn’t use an extra $500, $1000 or even $5000 or more a month?

We’d be glad to show you what others have done and what you could do.


If we haven’t met you yet, we are looking forward to it!

Judy and Dale Whitelock

Braeside Ontario

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