Haitian Art

Haitian Steel Art

Hand Made from Oil Drums – Durable – 100% Unique

We will be carrying a variety of pieces and because they are one of a kind items, I can only give you an idea of the designs and pricing.  Each shipment could be quite different depending on the artists involved.  One thing is constant though, these are all made by hand by very poor people. By promoting their art here in Canada, we can give them a higher quality of living and they will get the money which can’t be siphoned off by bureaucrats in Haiti.

Part of the income from importing this art will go to the non-profit, Friends of Ile a Vache, which supports a community on a small island off the coast of Haiti near where the famous Canadian Schooner, Bluenose, is resting on the bottom of the ocean.  It was from diving on the Bluenose that Bruce Leeming got to know the people on Ile a Vache and started bringing down boat loads of supplies to them.  He brought parts and educated them on constructing cisterns so they could have fresh water to drink.  This was called the Canadian Water Project.  Then he brought in experts to show them how to construct fish farms for a consistent supply of food.  This was happening before the earthquake rocked Haiti in January 2010.

Bruce Leeming  and his son Arlen are the founders of the non-profit, Friends of Ile a Vache and the creators of H.O.P.E. (Helping Our Planet Evolve) that will import the Haitian Steel Art into North America.  Bruce is now my step-brother as my father, Ken Marchant, met his mother, Nan Leeming, through the internet in 2007 and they have been married for 4 years now!  They are both 85 and going strong…its hard to track them down!  They are strong supporters of the Frineds of Ile a Vache.  At their wedding they asked people to donate to Ile a Vache instead of bringing gifts and they have hosted several fund raising events in their community.


Ken & Nan at 85!

 NEW! Additional Fundraising Program for Friends of Ile a Vache!

What if you could shop for the kinds of consumer products you are already using on a daily basis and the manufacturer would donate  monthly to Friends of Ile a Vache?  That means support for this non-profit without extra dollars from your pocket!

Now, what if those products were safer for your home and family, they were more effective than store brands, and they were more cost effective?  That’s a win/win situation!

Please contact Judy if you would to know more about supporting Friends of Ile a Vache just by changing where you shop for some of your consumer goods.  This manufacturer is 27 years old and is the first company in 80 years to break into the monopoly held by very old companies in the market like Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Lever Bros. etc.

You can shop online and its delivered to your door!  Convenience, savings AND health benefits for you…regular income for Friends of Ile a Vache!



Examples of Haitian Steel Art


34″ Wide Round Piece












24″ Wide Round Piece












12″ Wide Round Piece












Example of a Small Piece





A Few More Examples of Haitian Steel Art


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